Refund Policy

We offer 14 days refund guarantee on your purchase of Piotnet Grid which is valid for purchases according to our terms and conditions. 

Before requesting money back from us, we suggest you take a look at our Tutorial Video, Documentation and get in touch with our Supporters. 

We are always ready to guide you on how to apply Piotnet Grid on your site and solve any problems and conflicts. 

Supporters of Piotnet will review your purchase status to make a decision if it is eligible for the process. 
To be acceptable for a refund, your purchase has to meet our conditions

  1. Refund requests are only valid during the first 14 days after purchasing date. 
  2. Only your first purchase can be refunded. You can not request a refund for your second license or any others. 
  3. A license that is upgraded is not applicable for refund requests. 

If your license is applicable, we would try to give a refund due to following reasons: 

  1. The product is not as described. If you figure out that our product is basically different from our documents, tutorial videos, or preview and can indicate the differences to our supporters, you would be entitled to a refund.  
  2. The product can not help you to do what is guaranteed by our consultants. In case you are consulted by Piotnet supporters before purchasing and get our words regarding the ability of any features but actually, if it doesn’t work that way, you will be entitled to a refund.  

Besides, we DO NOT honor requests for a refund for the following reasons:
– You don’t want the product after it has been downloaded; 
– Product did not meet your expectations; 
– You have changed your mind; 
– You have purchased the product by mistake; 
– You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the product; 
– Asking for a refund because of goodwill; 
– You purchased another product which includes Piotnet Grid. (refunds in such cases are managed by your original vendor). 

-You want to switch to another Piotnet platform after 14 days of purchase.

If your license is applicable, to request a refund please submit a ticket at our support system or email “piotnetgrid-support@piotnet.com
Our Support Team will review the situation of the case and take the final decision for individual requests.